EST : 1978

The aircraft maintenance industry and its dedicated workers ensure safe flight. AMOSA represents the interests of Aircraft Maintenance Organisations (AMOs) within South Africa and its membership extends from one person AMOs to large AMOs in the fixed wing, rotary and accessories fields. AMOSA sits on many regulatory committees at the civil aviation authority representing the AMO industry needs and requirements to ensure the continuation of the industry in South Africa. Under CAASA, AMOSA is the only aviation maintenance association recognised by the South African Government to represent the AMOs in South Africa. AMOSA endeavors to ensure that the different aspects of both small and large AMOs serving commercial and private aircraft owners are recognised when regulation are being constructed and implemented. AMOSA brings to the attention of the civil aviation authority issues that are being experienced across the industry as they arise during the day to day interaction of the authorities with AMOs, as certain issues are common with many AMOs and as a group these issues can be resolved.
AMOSA: representing the interests of the aircraft maintenance industry within South Africa.