EST : 2014

The Association of Aviation Design Organisation was founded in 2014 and aligned itself as an affiliate of CAASA in mid 2016. Primarily developed to protect the interest of the South African CAR Part 147 Approved Design Organisations and provide a unified representation from Industry to the SACAA relating to the design activities of the member organisations, the association now has a more significant role to play providing technical advice to CAASA and its various sub-committees and embers where aircraft design, modification, testing and certification issues are raised.

The Association is highly technical with membership limited to those organisations with a CAR Part 147 approval as well as those in the process of obtaining such approval. This keeps the membership roster up to the highest standards and current.

The main objectives of the association are

  1. to serve, promote, advance and mutually protect the interests of persons making it their business to design aircraft, their components and/or accessories and design modifications and repairs to aircraft, their components and/or accessories;
  2. to act as a link between such persons and state, provincial, municipal and other governmental authorities as well as other persons active in, or dealing with, aviation or aviation-related matters;
  3. to promote, support or oppose, and make representations on behalf of its members to any authority, as may be deemed expedient, on any proposed legislative or other measure affecting the interests of its members;
  4. to represent its members in any hearing which may be held by anybody, commission or court, which hearing may or will affect the rights or interests of its members;
  5. to encourage its members to set high standards of workmanship;

The Association also aims to build a relationship with the industry by providing advice and consulting to other industry players. Growth in the field in also encouraged through seeking partnerships with Universities and Technical Institutions so as to ensure our future is a bright one.