EST : 1997

This association is an affiliate of CAASA the main objectives of which are to serve, promote, watch over, advance and mutually protect the interests of person engaged in the ownership, operations and design of airports and aerodromes.

It promotes, supports or opposes, and make representations, on behalf of its members, to any authority, as maybe deemed expedient, on any proposed legislative or other Airport and Aerodrome operational related matters affecting the interests of its members;
In addition, the association represents its members in any hearing which may be held by anybody, commission or Court, which hearing may or will affect the rights or interests of its members in any Airport and Aerodrome operational related matter.
When deemed necessary, the Association will provide legal assistance to members in matters which may have repercussions for the Airport and Aerodrome industry in general and the membership in particular.
The Association supports free enterprise but recognizes and accepts that there may be restrictive control by either the Government or the Association, in particular where such control is in the interest of safety or in the national interest.

Subsidiary objects for the furtherance of the main objects are:

4.7.1 to adopt such means of making known the objects of the Association in such a manner as may seem expedient and, in particular, by advertising in the media, by literature or other media communications, and by granting prizes, rewards and donations;
4.7.2 to obtain and retain official recognition by state and other governmental authorities and by others as being representative of the Airports and Aerodromes industry in South Africa;
4.7.3 to affiliate with chambers, bodies and associations with similar aims and objects, and with educational institutions;
4.7.4 to encourage co-operative action among persons involved in the operation of Airports and Aerodromes in order to promote the development of the Airports and Aerodromes industry;
4.7.5 to do all such lawful things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects and which are not inconsistent with any matter specifically provided for in this Constitution.

Other factors

The income, services and property of the Association shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Association, provided that payment in good faith of remuneration, in return for any services rendered to the Association, is allowed. The liability of members is limited to the payment of any amount owing by them to the Association under this Constitution.

In order to foster public confidence in the standards set by and the integrity of the Association’s members and in order to enhance and protect the reputation and good name of the Airports and Aerodromes industry in South Africa the Association’s regular members subscribe to the agreed code of ethics drawn up by the members.