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    Having joined CAASA as an alternate director in 2011, I was able to experience first- hand the growth of CAASA over the past 7 years. One thing I can tell you is that it has been an exciting journey.

    I sincerely believe that the progressive approach to re-building CAASA, as implemented by the CEO, has been tremendously successful. We tend to forget, but if for a moment we look back to where this association was at the beginning of 2011, with a handful of members hanging on for dear life, and where you are now, it is almost two different associations. To our CEO Leon, a massive thank you for your leadership, dedication and keeping the momentum going to accomplish the changes that has brought CAASA to where it is today.

    Adding Louise, Kevin and Sam to the equation also impacted significantly to the current success of CAASA- each of them with their own individuality and characters, adding positively towards the success of the association. A special thank you to the three of you for bringing your never ending energy to the table, your hard work is greatly appreciated.

    If you measure CAASA’s performance against the CAASA 2017 Key Strategic Decisions and Objectives, as was re-defined by the CAASA Board during the Strategic Work Session held in Feb 2017- I am happy to report that we are on right on track.

    The road to successful transformation is a challenge that we must embrace. With this goal in mind, CAASA has been successfully re-structured to include a Transformation, Social Development and Ethics Committee and is also in the final stages of establishing an independent board for the CAASA Foundation. I have confidence that both the Committee and the Foundation will open the door to meaningful transformation in the aviation industry.

    Financially the association is sound, with all processes streamlined and the required checks and balances in place. Thank you to the entire Finance Committee, with a special mention to John Morrison, Hanke Fourie and Penny Conlyn Hamilton.

    It is important to note that CAASA has, since the inception of the Operational Issues Matrix, closed 82% of the issues. This result is mainly due to the persistence and hard work done by Kevin Storie. The CEO will provide more information on this in his report; I however, also wanted to extend a thank you to Kevin for his relentless effort in solving these issues.
    Through the past year it has been clear that the SACAA is more than willing to work with and involve industry in resolving aviation related issues. Thank you, to the DCA, Mrs Poppy Khoza and her team.
    To the Board of Directors thank you for your willingness to serve this association, your time and dedication over and above the running of your own businesses and careers, is truly appreciated.

    A personal thanks to Shadrack Ramosa, Brian Frankel, Jon Morrison, Bob Garbett, Philip Eloff, Leon Dillman and Dean Polley, your guidance, mentorship and encouragement has been invaluable to me. In truth there are many individuals, the list is long, whose support of my Presidency has been unwavering and to each of you I am truly grateful.

    The CAASA Marketing Committee continues to make a huge positive impact on CAASA and its activities. Thank you to a very special marketing team for their steadfast contribution.

    I appreciate the opportunity to serve my second year as President in conjunction with AAD2018 and know first-hand that there have been many CAASA feet on the ground this past year, already working hard to ensure that the 10th edition of the show is a roaring success. We sincerely hope to see our members there.

    In closing, it remains a mystery why CAASA has a 90% plus Board Meeting attendance rate, by voluntary Board members at each meeting and has more than 100 active members willing to provide their time and energy to assist CAASA wherever possible. We must be doing something right.

    Of utmost importance is the CAASA membership without which the association would not exist, I would like to thank each and every one of you, for your willingness to support the association.

    It’s no secret that there is always room for improvement, but I can assure you that with the quality of the CAASA Board members, its volunteers and the office Staff; the sky is the limit!

    I thank you.