Due to the change of CAASA’s financial year-end from July to Feb, it has only been 8 months since our last AGM. Although only 8 months, the CAASA office has been exceptionally busy, giving effect to a number of achievements for the association and its members.

    With CAASA as the lead partner for the Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition 2018 (AAD2018) an additional workload has been placed on the office. There is no doubt how challenging it has been to manoeuvre between CAASA and AAD responsibilities so would like to commend the CAASA office for performing a decent balancing act between the two to ensure that nothing has been neglected.

    The planning and arrangements for AAD2018 are on track, all indications are that it promises to be another successful event, albeit that this year has shown a concerning and noticeable decline in participation from the commercial general aviation sector in the aircraft static park. The number of aircraft currently booked for display is very low in comparison with the 2016 edition. With CAASA being the only partner in AAD who is solely representative of the commercial general aviation sector (Armscor and AMD being predominantly defence), the importance of our presence as an industry cannot be over emphasized, especially considering that AAD is the financial lifeblood of CAASA. With AAD2018 just around the corner, we look forward to further support and assistance from our members in this regard.

    In line with the CAASA 2018 Key Strategic Decisions and Objectives, the following activities have materialised over the past 8 months:

    – CAASA’s Promotional Video is in its final stages of production and will be shared with the members shortly.
    – The CAASA Foundation is fully functional with an independent Board of Directors.
    – The Slack Application has been launched and is being used by most of the CAASA members.
    – CAASA Membership has increased with 11 new members.
    – The CAASA mentorship programme is in its final development stages and should be rolled out shortly.
    – A process to align and to cross pollinate the 8 CAASA Affiliates has started and will continue indefinitely.
    – CAASA’s Code of Ethics has been revised.
    – The first CAASA Commercial Aviation Symposium Africa was hosted successfully in May 2018, with the next Symposium and combined AGM planned for August 2019 in Cape Town.
    – Interest in the CAASA Commercial Aviation Activity Index has grown significantly with more than 10 media houses now publishing the results quarterly.
    – An independent legal specialist has been added as a member of the CAASA Board of Directors.
    – The CAASA financial management system has been perfected under the leadership of Mr. Morrison, with assistance from Hanke Fourie and Penny Conlyn.
    – The CAASA Marketing Committee continues to make a significant impact on CAASA and its activities. I consider it fitting to thank them all for their tireless contribution.

    Without the effort of the CAASA office team, under the leadership of Leon Dillman, none of these objectives would have been achieved. On behalf of all of CAASA a heartfelt thanks to Leon Dillman, Kevin Storie, Louise Olckers and Sam Keddle, for your dedication and hard work.

    Please let us also extend sincere gratitude to each of the CAASA Board Directors, Affiliate Executive Committee Members and members of CAASA’s various committees, who volunteer their precious time not only to attend to principle duties within the association but to also assist the office team wherever possible.

    CAASA is as strong as its membership, which has steadily increased in numbers year on year. Thank you for your willingness to support the association.

    Whilst there will always be challenges that lie ahead, CAASA has seen many successes through the past year. With the active board, office staff and our members I have no doubt that we will continue to grow and thrive into the future.

    I thank you.

    CAASA- Your Aviation Portal.