EST: 1993

ASAAT is one of the leading professional organisations committed to the highest standards of trading within the aerospace environment, including aircraft and aircraft parts sales, service and brokerage.

The main drive that ASAAT is to promote fair trade within the aerospace sphere and to enhance financial growth within the aviation industry.

Formed in 1993, ASAAT has been involved in various negotiations with Government, Government departments and other aviation stakeholders to resolve issues pertaining to its consistency.

ASAAT exists as a regional representative body for the aerospace traders and allied industries who provide services to the operational, maintenance, training and infrastructure sectors of aviation.

The purpose of ASSAT is to set an acceptable standard for the industry, represent the member organisations regarding legislative matters, create a network of industry professionals and to share knowledge and expertise to benefit the aviation industry as a whole as well as foster common values and collaboration among the members.

The effectiveness of ASAAT, as an association, hinges on the commitment and participation of the members to achieve the common goal of safety in aviation.