KZN Air Fund

CAASA and the Aviation Industry are coming together to assist KZN in this time of need.

CAASA requires assistance with the following:


Food and Essentials

Medical Supplies

Security Equipment

General Enquiries or to Provide Any Assistance

Sam Keddle 063 717 3460/ 

Flight Following (In Collaboration with Santjie White)

Click here to complete the KZN Relief Operations Form

Pilots should be mindful that normal ATC procedures must be followed, flight following is an additional safety measure and does not override normal procedures.

All aircraft that will be operating for KZN Missions Relief should confirm if they have ADSB, if so they will be followed in Flight Radar 24.

All aircraft not ADSB capable should provide a WhatsApp Live location, Telegram Live Location or Glympse live location on the group prior to departure and the name and contact number for the PIC, they also need to complete the spreadsheet named KZN Relief Operations obtainable from Louise Olckers at  

Once the form is received the Pilot will be added to the WhatsApp/Telegram groups in order to place his pin location for flight following for the duration of his departure and return flight.

Enquiries: Louise Olckers 082 847 3403/

KZN Air Fund:

CAASA in collaboration with the Aviation Industry formed the “KZN Air Fund” to raise money  to assist people affected by the current unrest in KZN and surrounding areas.  This funds will be utilised for the provision of Transport of Emergency Goods and Services. If you are able to assist please contact Louise Olckers  on 082 847 3403/

All funds received will be for the sole use of providing relief to those affected in KZN and surrounding areas. Donations can be made to:

The Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa
Account Nr: 202520692
Branch Code: 001155
Swiftcode: SBZAZAJJ
Reference: KZN Air Fund

Please forward your PoP to Louise Olckers

A word of thanks to the Aviation Industry for coming together to support our Fellow South Africans affected by this disaster.