Maintenance Re-positioning Flights

Maintenance Re-positioning Flights

Procedure in respect of requirement for the positioning of an aircraft as a result of maintenance only in cases where all aircraft related documentation is currently valid such a AtF or CofA and CRS.

Complying with COVID-19 sanitisation requirements as applicable to the extent the crew involved in the intended flights receives approval from the SACAA of their submitted compliance plan/procedure as set out in Government Gazette No. 43375 of 30 May 2020 as
it applies to General Aviation.

To provide a service to General & Recreational Aviation, the Aero Club and Commercial Aviation Association of South Africa have collaborated with industry to provide a web based application to streamline the processing of applications for Maintenance re-positioning flights as a joint venture with the SACAA.

The application is available here – Note that you will need copies of your CoA/AtF, CRS and AMO Booking Letter handy to upload

The procedure in more detail is covered in the CAA General Notice # GAD-2020/002 Revision 1 as published on the CAA website. It supercedes General Notice # AIR-2020/001-COVID-19 which has been withdrawn. Special Flight Permits will still be applicable for aircraft that have expired documentation.

This Application was independently developed by industry, adopted by the SACAA, and facilitated by the Aero Club of SA and Commercial Aviation Association of SA. It bears no cost to the user, and the facilitators shall not be held harmful or responsible for any actions arising from using the service. Following this system is voluntary, and does not preclude anyone from approaching the SACAA directly for flight authorisation.

In summary: The application registers users (owners/pilots) to provide details of aircraft to be flown, upload documentation, whereby the Aero Club and CAASA staff will assist in checking validity prior to submission to the CAA who will provide approvals. Each step of the application process will keep the user informed on the status of the application by email and sms, where the approval covers the next 21 days for the series of flights to be undertaken. Note that if the Release to Service expires within the 21 day period, another application will be required to be completed.

Each positioning flight will require a flight plan to be filed with ATNS.

Click here to Download GA & RA Auto System Manual