Soteria Salus – Disaster Management documentation and Equipment (SHEQ)

Soteria Salus (Pty) Ltd was established a decade ago by Meggan McPhee in February 2008. Soteria Salus would like to be the Management Consulting Firm of choice in providing integrated Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) Management System answers to companies that need deliverance and preservation from harm. Soteria Salus will give guidance to those companies in order for them to have a workplace that is a Safe and Healthy Environment for all their employees ensuring all our assets are well looked after.

As the Managing Director, Meggan McPhee is committed to treating every company’s needs confidentially and individually, finding them solutions to comply with the requirements set out by the OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations  Act 85 of 1993).

As we know the requirements are being changed daily – we have been keeping updated with the Disaster Management Act and these are the documents that a Company would require to go back to work :

  1. Startup Checklist for Site
  2. Permits for Employees for travelling to Site
  3. Emergency Procedure (with DOL Docs) to include COVID Assistance
  4. COVID Self Assessment Daily Checklist
  5. Leave Policies to include COVID-19 Employees
  6. Education and Training Materials on COVID-19 factors and protective behaviours.
  7. Hygiene Plan to establish what precautions will be put in place for the workplace (must be done in consultation with each client to be specific).
  8. Risk Assessment to include the COVID-19 Virus (must be done in consultation with each client to be specific).

These requirements will still need to be addressed on site / or have already been met by the Client –

  1. Premise to be hygienically cleaned – done through a proper cleaning company and records kept.
  2. Discontinuing nonessential local and international travel arrangements – all employees.
  3. Education and training on COVID-19 factors and protective behaviours – ongoing through toolbox talks.
  4. Provide resources and a work environment that promotes personal hygiene.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – facemasks and face shields are both acceptable if a 1m distance is kept between employees.

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If you are interested please contact Meggan McPhee on the details below:

Meggan McPhee

Construction Health & Safety Officer (CHSO)

Phone:  084 613 1004

Fax:   086 613 1668